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The MEDEA project is developing the tools for early population warning of upcoming desert dust storm (DDS) events and a set of evidence-based recommendations during DDS episodes in order to reduce indoor and outdoor exposure to harmful particulate air pollution. The effectiveness of these recommendations will be assessed during a Behavioral Intervention Study in vulnerable patient groups.

Climate change

Climate Change and global warming has been associated with increased frequency and severity of desert dust storm events across the Mediterranean Basin. Furthermore, Desert Dust Storm (DDS) events result in adverse effects on human health from exposure to increased levels of air pollutants (particulate matter 10 μm - PM10).


The MEDena® Health-Hub Platform is developed in the cloud with respect to the highest security and the latest IoT and Big Data standards. It is capable to process vital and medical data, received by smart wearable sensors, in real time for millions of patients or connected users and keep them informed about DDS (Desert Dust Storm) upcoming events and how these are progressing. The Platform, will be utilized by Doctors, Clinicians, Air Quality and Meteo scientists for Greece, Cyprus and Israel Institutions.


Our mobile app can be found on Google Play and is acting as the personal hub for users and patients in order to collect vital and medical personal data from their wearable and other personal devices to transmit them securely to the MEDena® Health-Hub Platform.


The popularity of fitness trackers and smartwatches has led to an explosion of health wearables that go way beyond the simplicity of recording steps and heart rate. Our Top Engineers are constantly investigating the international market to locate affordable and mature wearable devices that could be used by the Project contribute as much as possible to decrease the healthcare costs.

. New offices at the centre of Athens .

We recently moved to our new offices which are in harmony with our aesthetics and mentality. We enjoy our workplace which is inspiring us and providing all the facilities we need for our daily work and the meetings with our clients. Our working environment has been recognized as the best coworking space for Athens with the "2018 Coworker Members’ Choice Award".